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Larry Campbell - Refresh and Advance Retreat

What if you could provide the time and space for your leadership team to leave behind all the stressors of work and take a break to


How would it feel to be able to clear your head of worries, problems, and challenges of the everyday office environment?

We provide these retreats to help you feel refreshed, and pampered! 



In 2022 I had the privilege to host a couple of leadership retreats for some client agencies that I work with. Burnout is real and I noticed that the teams I worked with were at the point of exhaustion. They needed to be refreshed in order to advance in their work. Thus the name of the retreat was born, “Refresh and Advance.” They were hugely successful rendering positive impact on leadership teams. 

Because burnout is real.

Get away from the day to day

Getting away from the day to day pressures and disruptions provides a platform for teams to coalesce and develop strategies to return to work with a concrete action plan. 


My coaching with the team post retreat serves to guide the team to turn head knowledge into actionable steps to achieve results. Some of the sessions at the retreats include:


  • trauma informed care
  • leadership vs management 
  • talent optimization 


Each retreat is co-created between me and the Director to ensure that the desired outcome is achieved.

Refresh & Advance Sedona 2022 Crew
Retreat Amenities
Sedona Refresh and Advance Retreat - June 2022
"We know what we are going to do when we get back on Monday. We have steps that we're going to take to advance our practice.This experience I can see how it has really bonded and connected our team."
Dina Wise
Center Manager & Mental Health Specialist
Refresh and Advance Leadership Retreat collage
Unlike a conference

Our Refresh and Advance Retreats are specifically designed to be down-to-earth and include plenty of “you” time. Our team prepares a fun agenda with laughter, team-building, and sessions that are intentionally created in conjunction with the Director.  Your team will return to work not only REFRESHED, but ready to ADVANCE their leadership practice.


Let our team take care of ALL the details, planning and coordination for you. We work tirelessly to provide you a fabulous experience that your team will remember for years to come.


The goal is to rejuvenate yourself and leave ready to ADVANCE for the next steps in your work and career.

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To learn more about how this may benefit your and your team, and check out retreat availability contact me today!